Neues aus dem 1.Halbjahr 2018


International Dogshow Zwolle>
Mongrel`s Gordon= Exc.1,CAC/CACIB/BOB
Chatham`s Precious Grace= Exc.1,CAC/CACIB/BOS
Valinor von den Grauen Anfurten= Exc.1 Res.CAC
Blue Ayers Harper Rose= Very promissing,best puppy
Radagast von den Grauen Anfurten=Exc.1,CAC,CACIB,BOB
finished his Dutch Champion today
Chatham`s Precious Grace=Exc.1,CAC,CACIB,BOS
finished her Dutch Champion today
Vilya von den Grauen Anfurten=Exc.1,Res.CAC
Blue Ayers Harper Rose= Best Puppy
Thank you for the ring photos Ellen Quak.














KFT Terrier Special in Münster today
Vardamir von den Grauen Anfurten V1 Jg.CAC VDH/KFT BOS
Valinor von den Grauen Anfurten V1 Jg.CAC VDH/KFT BOB;
shortlisted in BIS Ring
Blue Ayers Harper Rose VV1
Weda von den Grauen Anfurten VV2


Vilya von den Grauen Anfurten Exc.1; CAC; BOB.
Van harte, Ellis van Hezel-Wildeman


Zum dritten Geburtstag alles Gute dem Q-Wurf: Quelthras, Qukon und Quosh


Int.Dogshow in Venray today
Smaug von den Grauen Anfurten: exc.1;CAC;CACIB;BOS.
Congratulation to the owners Doris Gebler & Christof Gebler

BOB in Venray ( NL) : Vilya von den Grauen Anfurten met trotse eigenaar Ellis van Hezel-Wildeman
Van harte gefeliciteerd


Finn was entered into the puppy stakes which was judged by Mr T Nagrecha out of 53 working/pastoral and terrier puppies he got A 5th place. Then went and prepared for the Terrier Puppy group and finn got shortlisted in the final 6 but didnt get pulled out for group placings. Such a great boy and we are ever so happy with him














Finn- Valmar von den Grauen Anfurten got Best puppy and the Reserve Dog CC which has awarded him a stud book number and that qualifies him for crufts for life.


European Winner Dogshow in dortmund


















Radagast von den Grauen Anfurten : V1; CAC VDH/KFT;CACIB
Europasieger & BOB.
Valinor von den Grauen Anfurten: V1; Jg.CAC KFT/VDH; Europajugendsiegerin
Vilya von den Grauen Anfurten V2; Res. Jg. CAC VDH/KF


Int. Dogshow in Lingen today













Valinor von den Grauen Anfurten.
Jun.Class V1; Jg.CAC KFT/VDH;
Thank you Simone Sikisaki for making wonderful pics of this young dogs with such patience.
Thank you to the judge Hanne Laine Jensen (DK)

Fastlove I'm Your's Forever (Malte)
Breeder: Marie Fast
Co-owner: Christiane Westerkamp
Jun.class V1,Jg.CAC VDH/KFT Best Junior and BOB.

Chatham's Precious Grace.
Breeder & Co-owner:Minna Chatham
Open class Exc.1; CAC KFT/VDH; CACIB; BOS













Blue Ayers Harper Rose second show
Puppy class: Very promissing 1
Breeder: Bethina Gade & Jørgen Grønlund & Deborah Sommer


Intern. Dogshow in Utrecht today

Orodruin von den Grauen Anfurten got Exc.1;CAC;CACIB and went BOB today. He thus fulfills the conditions for the int. Champion today. Congratulations to his owners Linda Lacks Genannt Ortmann and Sascha Mermann
Vilya von den Grauen Anfurten (Co-owned with Ellis van Hezel-Wildeman) & Valinor von den Grauen Anfurten got very promissing with super critics from our judge Mr.A. Schemel (AT).
Thank you for these awards and recognizing our breeding in this way.


Finns Critique for Crufts

Valmar von den Grauen Anfurten (Imp Ned). Blue and tan male, lots to like, very well balanced and of good breed type, correct bone for size, correct length of muzzle and skull, good keen eye, neck and front assembly good, well sprung ribs with good depth and width, strong topline which he keeps on the move, good harsh coat, sound, has a bright future ahead of him. Well handled
















Vilya von den Grauen Anfurten ( Jet )
int. Dogshow KV Rijnland on Sunday
Very promissing best Puppy
Congratulation Ellis van Hezel-Wildeman














Terrier Spezial in Hamm today:
Blue Ayers Harper Rose: very promissing; best baby
Valinor von den Grauen Anfurten: very promissing; best jongster

Fastlove I'm Yours Forever - Malte
V1, Jg.CAC KFT/VDH, BOB in Hamm ( Ger.) today
Breeder Marie Fast
Owner Christiane Westerkamp & Iris Coppée
Judge: Hr.Ritz (Ger.)



Valmar von den Grauen Anfurten went best puppy today on Crufts in Birmingham.

Congratulation to owner Dylan and Jean



Mongrel's Hardy Dutch Ch. now


Vilya v.d.Grauen Anfurten
Very promising in Groningen
Congrats Ellis van Hezel-Wildeman


Our amazing boy Finn (AKA Valmar Von den Grauen Anfurten) , Co-owned by Jean Cawdell-Owen  and  Dylan Nottingham and photographed by Gail Barton yesterday just prior to winning Best Puppy and Best of Breed at The Sorting Terrier Association of Yorkshire. So proud of and love our beautiful boy so much


So today at West Midland Terrier Society Finn got Best Puppy in breed and to top it off he got Reserve Best of Breed.




Int. Dog Show in Eindhoven today,
Mongrel's Hardy Exc.1 CAC,CACIB,BOB,
Thank you Jana Bösing for
handle im so well


Valinor von den Grauen Anfurten.
Best puppy in Show in Münster two weeks ago.
Thank you Nina for the photo





Terrier-Spezial Ausstellung auf der Doglive in Münster heute:


Fastlove's I'm Yours Forever: V2,Res Jg.CAC VDH/KFT



Radagast von den Grauen Anfurten:V1,CAC KFT/VDH,BOB. und shortlisted im Ehrenring.



Valinor von den Grauen Anfurten: VV Bester Jüngstenhund der Show. 

W-Wurf von den Grauen Anfurten


Weda (Pip)

Wala (clara)

Wartur (Monti)


Westron (Barney)

Winola (Winnie)



Jan. 2018

V-Wurf 6 Monate



             Dogshow in Belgium today
Orodruin von den Grauen Anfurten: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB,
Owner: Sascha Mermann& Linda Lacks Genannt Ortmann
Chatham's Precious Grace: Exc.1, CAC,CACIB,BOS.
Breeder& co-owner Minna Chatham