We have Aussie Puppies

Based on the enormous increase in requests for puppies since Corona, I would like to point out that only people who are aware of the fact that:
1.) a pedigree dog in the purchase for € 1500, - and costs thousands of euros in its entire life;
2.) the puppies are only handed in from the 12 week, abroad from the 15 week;
3.) we have nothing "in stock" that can be picked up straight away;
4.) no dog will be handed over or even sent without a previous visit;
5.) there is a waiting list, and therefore you have to expect to have to wait for a puppy for half a year or more;
6.) no puppies are given to households where they are unsupervised for more than an hour (or older dogs up to a maximum and not regularly 4 hours alone);

For more information about upcoming litters or if you would like to be added to our waiting list in the future you can kontact us per

e-mail   i.e.coppee@hetnet.n

or  Tel.   + 3 1  - ( 0 ) 315-654859

Whoever said you can't buy happiness  vergot about puppies

 In our ever-changing world, we require a well balanced, trainable and adaptable familiedog. If you dream of owning a dog who will succeed in competition, or even if you just looking for a companion with star looks, than please contact us

We are a small hobby breeder of quality Australian terriers.  We have produced a good number of nat. and intern. Champions, nationale winners, performance titleholders and of course champions of the heart. 

We are happy to answer questions about what it is like to live with an Aussie, and if you decide to make an Australian terrier your next family member we will be happy to assist you in your search for the right puppy.

We strive to produce quality healthy Australian Terriers suitable as family pets and for show.



                                        + 31 - 315 - 654859