Character and Usage

The Australian Terrier, or Aussie, is a feisty dog breed with irresistible charm. Its small body can hardly contain its large personality. This rough-coated Terrier isn’t afraid to make its opinions known! Aussies love to dig, excel at sports, and are well-suited to all sorts of lifestyles.


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Australian Terriers are intelligent, spirited and self-assured.

He was developed as a companion, and as a result, will be happiest when with "his" people. Aussies are not suited to living outside, or spending long hours in a run or fenced yard alone. They are happiest when in close contact with their families. Australian Terriers are born diggers, as "going to ground" is part of their heritage. They are excellent jumpers and very good hunters of rabbits, mice and rats and have proved themselves in contests with many Australian snakes, and this instinct is still very strong in their temperaments. Aussies are natural watch dogs, and will sound the alarm should any strange dog or person approach the house. Terriers in general are very lively and outgoing, and have a high energy level that does not make them suitable pets for everyone. 

  Australian Terriers are energetic but their needs are modest, making them an appealing little dog that fits into most environments.  The Aussie as he is affectionately known likes to cuddle up on the couch with you as much as he loves a free run outside.