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DogLive in Münster on Zaterday
KFT Terrier - Spezial
Drakon Povorachivaet Golovy: VV1
Melukylän Fintelligens: Exc.1 Jg.CAC, BOB
Vardamir von den Grauen Anfurten: Exc.1, CAC KFT/VDH
Dou Shu Zvezda Protsvetanya: VV1, Best Baby in Show
Blue Ayers Harper Rose: Exc.1 CAC KFT/VDH, BOS
Thank you to our judge: Suzana Verstovsek (HR) and to Doris for support, videos and pics.

Dog Live in Münster on Sunday
Drakon Povorachivaet Golovy: VV1 Best Baby
Dou Shu Zvezda Protsvetanya: VV1
Valinor von den Grauen Anfurten: Exc.1 CAC KFT/VDH BOB
Thank you to the judge: Helge Kvivesen (NO) for the exc. critic and kind words.
Thank you Jana vor handling and company. It was a nice weekend with Team "von den Grauen Anfurten".

Best wishes for 2019

Die bestes Wünsche für das neue Jahr